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A High-End Precision Sight Tool Without the High-End Price

The MGW Rangemaster Universal Sight Tool delivers most of the functionality of MGW’s flagship Sight Pro Tool in a more compact package that better fits the budget of the average pistol owner. The Sight Pro is rightly regarded by many professional pistolsmiths as one of the finest sight installation tools available and worth every penny of its asking price. But it is a substantial investment for the more casual gun-tinkerer or shooter who’s hands-on about repairs and upgrades.

MGW solves these folks’ financial dilemma with their smaller Rangemaster Universal Sight Tool. The difference? The Rangemaster is limited to a .750" reach from the backside of the slide underlug to the front sight location. (For reference, the original Sight Pro has a full 1.750" reach for use on 1911s and long-slide competition pistols.) Otherwise, the function of the Rangemaster is exactly the same as the Sight Pro.

  • Uses the same gun-specific slide shoes (sold separately) as the original Sight Pro. Click Slide Shoe
  • Comes with standard pusher block for straight-side sights
  • Also accepts other MGW pusher blocks (must be purchased separately)
  • Top assembly available separately as MGWSP800-U for quick pusher block changes - simply swap the entire "top half"
  • Sturdy, durable aluminum tool body plus stainless steel hardware ensure proper alignment of tool, slide and sight

MGW designed the Rangemaster Universal Sight Tool to accept the same gun-specific slide shoe inserts as the Sight Pro. You buy only the inserts you need for the gun(s) you work on. And if you ever upgrade to the Sight Pro, the shoes you already have are 100% compatible.

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