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The Finest Professional Gunsmith Dent Raiser Made

We are pleased to be able to provide these beautiful, original pattern, British-made Hydraulic Dent Raisers. For the gunsmith, these Dent Raisers have proven to be one of the most sought after tools in our line. Few jobs are a greater challenge - or cause more customer concern - than removing a dent from a prize shotgun.

To be able to remove such a damaging blemish with the ease, precision and perfection that this tool provides is gratifying beyond words. A tool you want to own ... A tool to cherish and care for. Not only will it make your customers happy, but it will also prove to be profitable for you at the same time!

Actually, the dent raiser is a hydraulic jack of tremendous force with pressure controlled by the Allen screw in the handle. Because of the pressures involved, the best of steels and heat-treating procedures have been used in its production to ensure ease of maintenance and years of trouble-free use.

Simple and easy to operate. Hold the tool along the outside of the barrel, lining up the small anvil in the head even with the center of the dent. Slide the collar flush against the barrelbreech or muzzle (whichever end is closer to the dent) and lock the collar tightly into place.

Now, insert the Dent Raiser into the barrel, bringing the collar flat against the end of the barrel and centering the anvil in the head directly under the dent. Gently turn the Allen screw in and watch the dent come up. When the dent is completely up (you must be careful not to bulge the barrel because the tool is so powerful), relieve the hydraulic pressure against the anvil by loosening the Allen screw. Re-apply pressure until resistance is just felt and you can turn the tool handle back and forth without too much pressure. Turn in the Allen screw and twist and burnish. Repeat until the dent is completely removed.

No outside hammering or peening is required, so no hammer marks to polish out and no need to reblue the barrel. Just a fast, Professional job that will bring joy to your customer and fame and fortune to you! (NOTE: The Hydraulic Dent Raiser will not remove nicks/gouges in the steel that may have been caused along with the dent. Careful drawfiling and polishing can take care of most of these, and rebluing will be required - which your customer should understand.)

Detailed operating and maintenance instructions.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:472
SPECS: 22-3/8" (56.8cm) long. 1" (2.5cm) dia. hardwood handle.


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