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From Midwest Industries, the AR Professional Armorer’s Wrench! Designed to work with both 5.56 and 7.62 AR Platform rifle components.

  • Works with encapsulated and pin style barrel nuts including the GI style nut
  • Drive end for all MI free float barrel nuts
  • ¾ inch wrench for A2 muzzle devices and designed to work with the thin flats on many of the popular suppressor mounts
  • Castle nut driver with 3 notch engagement
  • Combat bottle opener
  • Small hammer head
  • Torque specs features on wrench handle.
  • Constructed from 4140 heat treated steel
  • Made 100% in the USA

Ever dealt with those stubborn barrel nuts that just won't work loose? The Midwest Industries AR-15 Upper Receiver Rod is designed as the perfect tool for AR builders looking to overcome stubborn, stuck parts.

Each Midwest Industries AR-15 Upper Receiver Rod is machined from 4140 steel, an ordnance-grade metal that's designed to handle abuse. The working end of the tool is sized right for any standard AR-style barrel extension and will remove seized barrel nuts without harming the upper receiver.

Other uses for the Midwest Industries AR-15 Upper Receiver Rod include installing muzzle devices, forward assists and dust covers. The unit is protected with a black-oxide finish and won't damage the finish on your rifle.


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