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Lets You Safely Dry Fire AR-15 Triggers Outside the Gun for Training or Product Demo

The Hiperfire® Hipertrain™ enables dry firing of any AR-15 trigger system without having it installed in an actual rifle. It helps demonstrate trigger function to students and is a great aid in letting a retail store customer check out the "feel" of a new trigger before buying.

The Hipertrain™ is made of lightweight machined aluminum and accepts a pistol grip, hammer/trigger/disconnector assembly, and safety selector just like a standard AR-15 lower receiver. It comes with a rubber hammer-strike bumper already installed to protect the hammer from damage.

  • Easily demonstrates trigger function
  • Excellent tool for dry fire practice
  • Sturdy cast-and-machined aluminum construction
  • Type III hardcoat anodized, then Cerakoted in a variety of eye-catching colors
  • Color-code you demonstrators by type of trigger or manufacturer
  • Accepts any small-pin trigger & pistol grip that fit mil-spec AR-15 lower
  • Trigger, pistol grip, and safety selector not included

Whether you’re a retailer who wants to give customers a full hands-on experience or a shooter who wants to develop better trigger control through dry-fire practice, the Hiperfire® Hipertrain™ gets the job done. Once you give it a try, you won’t want to give it up.


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