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Ever dealt with those stubborn barrel nuts that just won't work loose? The Midwest Industries AR .308 Upper Receiver Rod is designed as the perfect tool for AR builders looking to overcome stubborn, stuck parts.
Each Midwest Industries AR .308 Upper Receiver Rod is machined from 4140 steel, an ordnance-grade metal that's designed to handle abuse. The working end of the tool is sized right for any standard AR-style barrel extension and will remove seized barrel nuts without harming the upper receiver.
  • Works with LR308 and AR10 308 barrels and receivers
  • Ultimate tool for barrel nut installs or removal
  • Excellent for removing stubborn/seized barrel nuts without damaging upper
  • Designed for muzzle device installs and will not damage index pin
  • Can be used to install forward assist/port door cover
  • Compatible with forged and billet LR308 and AR10 upper receivers
  • Machined from 4140 Ordnance grade steel
  • Durable Black Oxide finished for years of use
  • Will not mar or damage exterior of upper receiver
  • Receiver mounted sights can be left installed
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically in bench vise

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