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A Dedicated Cleaning Tool To Make Your AR Look Like New

No matter how much you scrub, soak and clean your AR-15 or AR .308, there always seems to be that little bit of baked-on carbon fouling in those little corners you can't get at. Bring your rifle back into like-new condition by using the VetPowered VMG Cleaning Tool. Available in MK-15 and MK-10 versions for AR-15 and AR .308 owners, respectively.

The innovative design of the VetPowered VMG Cleaning Tool provides seven different functions within this one simple device. The stainless-steel unit features profiles that match the profile of the bolt and bolt carrier, so you can get into those hard-to-reach spots to scrape out stubborn carbon. The tool also features an eyelet that accepts a cleaning patch, so all that carbon and fouling you scrape off can be easily collected. The functionality of the tool doesn't end there, though. The front can be used to easily remove a bullet button, and the scraping pick is handy for removing a firing pin retaining pin.

Best of all, the profits made from the sale of the VetPowered VMG MK-15 and MK-10 Cleaning Tool goes to support advanced manufacturing training for U.S. military veterans. These profits support Workshops for Warriors, a nonprofit dedicated to training and certifying wounded and transitioning military veterans for careers in manufacturing. Not only will you get your rifle back into peak operating condition, you'll also be contributing to the rebuilding of America's manufacturing industry.


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