Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Non-Marring, Heavy-Duty Plastic Weapon Display /Work Stand

High-density, thermoplastic-welded polyethylene stands securely hold your AR-15 for display or cleaning and maintenance chores. Each stand has a 7" post with beveled edges that fits in the magwell like a magazine. Barrel Support model features a wide display stand with enclosed tray and a barrel support at one end. Parts Tray model has a centered resting post and no barrel support with plenty of room in the tray to keep small parts from straying. Wall-Mount model keeps your weapon off the ground and includes a holder for one magazine.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:084
Big Book Catalog, Issue:71, Page:088

SPECS: High-density, thermoplastic-welded polyethylene, black. Barrel Support/Parts Tray – 18" (45.7cm) long, 6½" (16.5cm) wide, 7¼" (18.4cm) high. Wall-Mount – 7¼" (18.4cm) long, 4½" (11.4cm) wide, 6" (15.2cm) high.

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No longer deliverable by the Factory
No longer deliverable by the Factory
Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.