Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Non-Caustic, Hot Water Bluing Systems To Help You Begin Or Expand Your Bluing Business

Our One-Tank Kit is perfect for the shop with an existing bluing setup, or the beginner with some ingenuity and a tight budget. All the chemicals are here, and we add in a fresh tank, some safety gear and our detailed instructions. You supply the heat source and a stand for the tank, plus a few other odds and ends. Even better, the price shown represents a savings of more than 15% over purchasing the items individually.

DICROCLEAN NO. 909 - PreCleaner. One 8 lb. box
BLACK IRON TANK - One Included
THERMOMETER - One Included
WATER DISPLACING OIL - Two quarts. Removes moisture, prevents rust.
BLUING PARTS BASKETS - One 14¼" x 5-5/8" x 3". Holds small parts so they don't get lost.
STAINLESS STEEL SCREEN WIRE - One included. Folds into 4½" x 5" x 4" parts basket to keep very small parts off bottom of tank.
BLACK IRON WIRE - One roll. Use to suspend parts in tank.
TCE DEGREASER - One quart. Removes heavy grease and gunk, plus silicone gun oils, prior to 909 cleaning.
N36 RUBBER GLOVES - One pair, size 11 included
HYDROCHLORIC ACID - One gallon. Used for Pickle Bath.
NEOPRENE SHOP APRON - One included. Keeps chemicals off of you.
FULL FACE SAFETY SHIELD - One included. Helps keep chemical splashes out of face and eyes. ALWAYS wear when bluing.
GUNSMITH CLEANING PADS - One bag, 100 ct. Used to apply IM or for cleaning and wiping. Very absorbent.
#1 STEEL WOOL - One box, for carding between coats of IM Bluing
COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS - Fully detailed, covering every aspect of the Brownells Method for our Dicropan IM Process.

Note: Requires Additional Hazardous Materials Surcharge Cannot Ship C.O.D. Shipped FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or Truck only Cannot ship outside Continental United States

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:390