Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Critical Measurement You Simply Can't Estimate

Here is a service that you and every gunsmith in the world should be offering all shotgun shooters. But, because of a lack of proper instructions and tools, plus the fact that most shooters do not know that a cure exists, the correction has been offered by only a handful of aware gunsmiths. These men have made heroes of themselves (and money) in their trade areas. This, you too, can and should do. It is profitable . . . the guns need it . . . and the shooters want it! The trapshooting customer will love you, the skeet shooter will offer to beat up your enemies and the hunter will swear you have performed a miracle on his old Bess! By reworking an improper chamber you will reduce recoil, shot deformation, target or game-missing "free holes" and improve patterns. And all you need are the Walker Gauges, the proper chamber and Forcing Cone Reamers, and the Instructions we furnish, to give the gun the right chamber dimensions for modern, star crimped, plastic shells. Just like that, and you are making a lot of people happy, a reputation for yourself as a knowledgeable shotgun man, and a respectable profit. An unbeatable combination!

Not Just Choke Alone
It is generally believed that the "right choke" has everything to do with pattern, recoil and performance. Choke is important, but of equal or more importance are the configuration of the chamber and forcing cone and how all three - choke, cone and chamber - work together.

Millions of Shotguns Just Waiting
There are millions (!) of shotguns in use today with the obsolete "short" chambers and forcing cones incapable of delivering a passable pattern without "free holes" when shooting modern, star-crimped shells. And, because of these obsolete chambers, they kick your teeth out and punch the action unnecessarily with higher pressures while performing far below expected standards.

Obsolete Chamber
The problem with chambers is that, over the years, there have been a great variety of "correct depths" used for the shells then currently being manufactured, many of them shorter than 2-¾" or 3" overall length of the fired cases of today's plastic shell. Couple this with a short Forcing Cone (the taper from chamber diameter to bore diameter) and the results are: deformed shot; distorted patterns; torn hulls; excessive kicking and pressure. That crimp must have room to unfold completely flat when the shot and wad go from case to bore. Any little bit of case forced into their path because of a short chamber spells trouble with a capital "T".

Gauge Tells It All
The purpose of the Walker Chamber Gauge is threefold: First, and most important, to check your work when doing a chamber job for a customer; Second, to identify obsolete, too-short chambers on guns brought in for service, and Third, to demonstrate to your shooters why their guns are not performing to their full capabilities.

Proven On Thousands Of Guns
The system was developed and proven by the late Ralph Walker, Selma, Alabama, gunsmith, writer and author, who had used it in his shop. Instructions for the work were written and illustrated by Ralph. As he said in a letter to us: "I think the troops will take to the depth gauges plus the chamber re-working jobs and will find as much work as they have with the choke work (which Ralph also developed) if they will do half a job of selling".

Bonus Profits For You
Before adjusting the choke on a customer's gun with our choke reamers and hones, check the gun's chamber with the proper Walker Chamber Gauge. Do this while the customer is present. Explain what you are doing and why it is of great value. Also point out the advantages of the long forcing cone - it will enhance you, in his eyes, as an authority on the subject.

If your customer understands (and most will) and orders the chamber/long forcing cone job along with the choke adjustment, correct the chamber first and pattern the gun before doing the choke adjustment. The results you will get by following this technique can best be described as phenomenal. You will have picked up two jobs instead of one and made your customer mighty happy. In a nutshell: an excellent and profitable service you should be offering immediately.

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SPECS: 10, 12, 16, 20, .410 gauge Overall lengths vary from 3.75" (9.5cm) to 4.5" (11.4cm). Blued steel.

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