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Ensure Accurately Cut Chambers For Fireball Calibers

GO and NO-GO gauges are now available for a new and highly efficient varmint cartridge in addition to a NO-GO gauge for a traditionally popular varmint chambering. The headspace check is one of the most important steps in safe-to-fire inspections and the surest way to verify a chamber is within SAAMI specifications. Accurately determines if chamber meets SAAMI headspace requirements. The GO gauge corresponds to minimum chamber dimensions, and the bolt should close on it. The NO-GO gauge corresponds to maximum dimensions and the bolt should not close on it. New gauges accurately determine if a chamber meets this critical headspace requirement. Precision ground and heat treated to be harder than firearm steel and provide long service life. To avoid potentially dangerous test results due to tolerance stacking, remember to always use the same make of headspace gauges for a particular chamber.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:457
SPECS: Machined M7 high speed steel, in the white, hardened.
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Cartridge: 17 Remington Fireball

Style: Go Gauge

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Cartridge: 17 Remington

Style: No Go Gauge

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Product has been discontinued and no longer available.