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Handy Tool Designed to Keep Your Glock in Peak Condition

Want to keep your Glock handgun in peak condition? The Code9 Evolutions Glock Operators Tool has every special-use tool you need to fully strip and disassemble your pistol and clean carbon fouling from every hard-to-reach gap.

The Code9 Evolutions Glock Operators Tool provides five useful functionalities. During disassembly, the tool provides a metal punch to drive out pins and a specialized tool that prevents the spring-loaded firing pin from spraying out across the room during disassembly.

Other features include a specially shaped edge that gets into the tight corners of the slide rails, clearing out carbon build-up and keep your gun in like-new condition. The tool also includes a polymer edge to remove the backstrap on Gen 4 guns, as well as a specialized tool that allows the floor plate to be easily removed on Glock factory mags.

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