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No-Mar Brass Rod Knocks Stuck Bullets Out Of Bores

Don't let a stuck bullet from a "squib" or weak load cut short a shooting session. Far superior to other rods or makeshift punches, this non-marring brass rod fits the bore closely, can't wedge between bullet nose and rifling. Each rod is drilled and tapped to thread onto a Dewey cleaning rod; very handy for knocking stuck bullets out of rifle barrels.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:430
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:482
SPECS: Kit contains one of each size rod and (2) 8-32 to 12-28 adapters. 8" (20.3cm) long. Brass. Pak has 2 rods of size listed and 2 Dewey 30A rod adapters.
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    Squib Rods


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    Online Only
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    Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308), 32 Caliber (.312-.313)

    9MM/.38/.357 SQUIB ROD, PKG 2
    9mm, .38, .357 cal.

    Mfr Part: 9MMSQUIBROD

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    Caliber: 38/357 Caliber (.357-.359), 9 mm (.355-.356)

    10MM/.40/.41 CAL. SQUIB ROD, PKG 2
    10mm, .40, .41 cal.

    Mfr Part: 10MMSQUIBROD

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    In Stock

    Caliber: 40/10 mm (.400-.401), 41 Caliber (.410-.412)

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    Out of Stock

    Caliber: 44 Caliber (.429-.430)

    .45 CAL. SQUIB ROD, PKG 2
    .45 cal.

    Mfr Part: 45SQUIBROD

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    Caliber: 45 Caliber (.451-.454)