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Handy Bushing Wrench Automatically Captures Recoil Plug

The Present Arms Plug Capture Tool is ergonomically designed to provide full coverage of the recoil plug while unlocking the 1911 barrel bushing. Engage the barrel bushing at the 3 o’clock position, rotated clockwise to 6 o’clock to unlock the barrel bushing while maintaining full coverage of the recoil plug. 

  • Operator friendly
  • Field tested
  • Non marring
  • Light weight
  • Armorer approved
  • Synthetic, long life recyclable polymer
  • Cost effective


1911, Issue:11, Page:058
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:146

SPECS: Polymer, gray finish. 4-3⁄8" (11cm) long. 1-3⁄16" (3cm) wide. 3⁄16" (5mm) thick. .7 oz. (20g) wt. Fits Government model and clones.

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