Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

 The Harrison Design HD-807 1911 Frame Fixture gives you the helpful "third hand" you often need when doing modifications and custom work on a 1911 frame. Designed by master pistolsmith Ted Yost, who partnered with Harrison to bring it to life.

The HD-807 1911 Frame Fixture slides into the magwell just like a magazine and, unlike other holders, requires no additional tools to install. You can even use it with the magazine catch already installed in the frame, so you can polish out the frame and mag catch flat at the same time - a time saver for the busy pistolsmith.

  • Ejector can remain mounted to frame, too 
  • Fits all full-size single-stack 1911 pistol frames, except EMP
  • Sturdy machined-steel construction 
  • No hex wrenches or additional tools required to install in pistol frame

The key to the Harrison HD-807 1911 Frame Fixture’s versatility is the rod that protrudes from it through the top of the frame. Clamp that rod in a bench vise at any angle that’s convenient for the work you’re doing at the moment.

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