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A Dedicated Field Repair Kit for Your AR-15

If you're like most Americans, you rely on your AR-15 for a lot. Whether it's home defense, hunting or just as a great range rig, your AR-15 can do a lot, and it can be a huge pain if it goes out of action at the wrong moment. Keep your rifle running right with The Works from Fix It Sticks! This collection includes a torque limiter, Field Maintenance kit and Bit Accessory kit all in one, and they're all designed specifically to help you work on your AR-15.

The Works from Fix It Sticks includes a T-handle wrench and four different pre-set torque limiters, each designed to torque specs of 15, 25, 45 and 65 inch-pounds. The kit also comes with an incredible number of extras, and there are even tools included that help you work on other guns! The kit includes a choke-tube wrench, a 1911 bushing tool, and a Glock front-sight tool. You'll also get a 1/2-inch socket and bit adapter, a pry bar, BCG scraper, A2 front-sight adjustment tool, castle-nut wrench, as well as a great collection of punches and scrapers!

The Works from Fix It Sticks isn't done there, though. The kit also includes a set of brass cleaning rods designed to accept 8-32 threaded accessories, as well as two bit adapters for 8-32 threaded components. The kit finishes up by including 24 chrome-plated 1/4-inch bits, as well as a magnetic patch that helps you keep track of loose components. All of these tools are contained inside a soft-sided carrying case complete with a molded holder for many of the small components.

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