Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Improved & Updated Version Of The Famous English-Made Original; Multi-Positional For Unlimited Access To Your Work

Precision, German-made gun vise modernizes the original Parker Hale design so popular decades ago with English shooting ranges for detailed gun cleaning and maintenance. Cast from high tensile strength aluminum alloy, the Bisley vise is compact and light enough to take anywhere, yet tough enough to handle jobs bigger than expected. Two sets of parallel clamping jaws rotate a full 360° in the same plane to provide unlimited versatility and access to your work. Simple and reliable, spring-loaded, cog-locking system allows instant one-hand adjustment by pulling back on the rear jaw and rotating it to any of 15 different positions in 22.5° increments. Hardened and ground, steel jaw inserts on one side handle small parts and many intricate tasks around the shop; oval shaped jaws with cork padding on the opposite side allow non-mar clamping of barrels, receivers, and large irregularly shaped objects. Polymer adjustment knob with threaded steel bushing glides along the vise screw with exceptional smoothness for precise tension control. Heavy duty base with steel clamping screw and T-handle make the Bisley vise extremely solid, portable and quick to mount and remove on work platforms from 1 to 2½" thick.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:423
SPECS: Cast aluminum body, light green powder coat finish; other components hardened steel, natural finish. Straight Jaws - 2¾” (7cm) long; 2-1⁄8" (5.4cm) max. separation width. Curved Jaws - 4” (10.6cm) long; 2-7⁄8" (7.3cm) max. separation width. 5.1 lb. (2.3kg) weight. Mounts on surfaces up to 2½” (6.3cm) thick.
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