Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Work On Your Guns Without Having Them Look "Worked-On!"

If you work on firearms, you know exactly how hard it is to keep your gun’s screws in their original – pristine – unmarked condition. General purpose, off-the-shelf screwdrivers never fit quite right, and are often too soft or too brittle to withstand the hardened steels and torque requirements used in gun work. These shortcomings eventually result in marred screw heads, scarred slots, or even worse – unsightly gouges and dings in stock or metal finishes caused by using the wrong screwdriver.

Brownells MAGNA-TIP bits are designed and manufactured to put an end to these frustrations. Each bit is made from the same, state-of-the-art materials used for heavy, industrial production applications, then ground expressly for gun work for a perfect blade-to-slot fit. We’ve taken every aspect of screwdriver use into consideration, designed the MAGNA-TIP set to work the right way, and used the very best materials and workmanship for its construction. That’s why, for over 40 years, it still remains the #1 choice of professional gunsmiths everywhere. With the NRA MAGNA-TIP Set – you, too, can work on your guns without having them look “worked-on!”

Inside the rugged field case, you get a custom bench tray with 22 of the most commonly used screwdriver bits (slotted, hex, Phillips, and Torx®) for today’s most popular firearms. Like a professional gunsmith, you’ll be prepared for the majority of standard gun screws, plus scope base and ring screws, too – you even get a bit for the windage screws on Leupold and Redfield scope mounts. The full size, magnetic, screwdriver handle bears an official “NRA” logo. And, every component is made to the highest quality standards, and is 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed – Forever – No Questions Asked! Simply put – you’ll never need to buy another screwdriver set again.

• Custom-ground bits with the right combination of hardness and durability for maximum strength and wear-resistance.
• True, hollow-ground, bit radius provides complete metal-to-metal contact between bit and fastener to prevent screw damage, and transmits torque evenly up the shank for superior turning power.
• Phillips bits with Anti-Cam-Out design grab the sides of the slot to prevent “reaming” the fastener head.
• Robust, hand-filling, driver handle is precision-molded from shockproof plastic; fluted grooves along the outside provide a positive gripping surface for maximum control.
• Hex shank with powerful magnet for quick bit changes; accepts a small wrench for added leverage on those really stubborn screws.
• Magnetism transfers through the bit to hold the screw in position.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:431

SPECS: Bits - Hollow-Ground Steel. Handle - Shockproof plastic. 1¼" (3.2cm) diameter. 8" (20.3cm) OAL. Field Case - Polyethylene. Includes Slotted Bits #120-1, #150-4, #180-3, #180-5, #210-5, #240-5, #300-6 and #360-8, Leupold Windage; Hex Bits #185-00, #185-1, #185-2, #185-3, #185-4, #185-9 and #185-10; Phillips Bits #1, #2 and #3 ; Torx Bits T10 and TT15.


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Handle: 81 Standard

Style: NRA