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Super Strength Box Joints For Maximum Precision

Perhaps no other tool on the bench is required to do more jobs than the Gunsmith's pliers - everything from getting up inside a small action and inserting a spring the size of a small hair, to holding red-hot rods while being formed. Because of the extremely rough, to extremely delicate, work done with pliers, just being tools isn't enough; they must be instruments.

These pliers are manufactured by a company that has long specialized in QUALITY - respected for generations.

They are of strong box construction. This gives the pliers greater strength and prevents loosening of the joints when doing twisting and turning operations. Finish: Polished steel jaws and joints.

Each tool is guaranteed for quality and service. The manufacturer's slogan since 1824 has always been, "First Quality and Then Price". This manufacturing policy is of greater importance to the craftsman today than ever before.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:437
SPECS: 145mm long. (Approximately 5¾".)


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