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Tools You Need To Remove & Replace Most Bolt-Action Triggers

The Brownells DIY Bolt Action Trigger Tool Kit contains the basic tools you need to remove a factory trigger and install an aftermarket replacement on many bolt action rifles, including the Remington 700. Installing a new trigger is easy when you have the right tools. The kit has three basic components, starting with the super-tough polyethylene Brownells Rifle Bench Block to provide a stable surface when driving pins out of the rifle action. The center V-groove keeps cylindrically-shaped parts steady so they won’t roll. The Grace Pin Punch Set has seven punches for driving out and installing action pins. It contains 1 starter punch, 1 center punch, and 5 drift punches that will not only serve for trigger projects but will cover 90% of your future pin removal needs. For trigger installation, you’ll first use these punches to drive out the pins holding the old trigger in the action. Then, you’ll use the punches to tap the pins back in, fixing the trigger into the rifle. The Nylon/Brass Combo Hammer will protect your rifle from scratches and scuffs during the trigger-installation process. The nylon head won’t mar metal if you have to tap a part into place, and the solid brass head provides extra force to drive punches in or out.

To learn more about using the tools in the Brownells DIY Trigger-Replacement Kit, please watch the accompanying video, demonstrating the installation of a Timney trigger module on a Remington 700 rifle. The process is similar on most other bolt guns.

Download the Brownells DIY Remington 700 Trigger Replacement Kit without Trigger Instructions.

SPECS: Kit contains Brownells Rifle Bench Block, Grace pin punch set with 1 starter punch, 1 center punch, 5 drift punches (1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8" & 5/32" diameters), 1" nylon/brass hammer, and instructions.