Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Complete, Dedicated Kits For Field Repair & Maintenance Of Tactical Weapons

This compact, model-specific field maintenance pack is designed for servicing combat weapons and, provide the soldier or law enforacement personnel with all the tools required to field strip, repair, and maintain weapons while on the move. Not a run-of-the-mill cleaning kit, but carefully selected, high-quality field armorer tools dedicated to working on specific weapon types, so there is no confusion and no down time spent scrounging through a large field case of loose odds and ends. Individual pouches and compartments inside the water- and abrasion-resistant, denier Cordura case keep tools secure and separated to help minimize noise that could jeopardize your mission. Quiet, #9 YKK zippers with oversize pulls make it fast and easy to get tools in and out. Front panel features clear, I.D. card sleeve and loop strip for name tape. Includes two, nylon grab handles for easy carry. Made in the U.S.A. Field Pack Case also available separately. All the tools you need for complete field stripping of your Beretta service pistol for maintenance, cleaning, and parts replacement. Includes roll pin punches, grip bushing driver bit, grip bushing staker, trigger return spring tool, and magazine lip gauge all specific to the 92/M9—plus, India and Arkansas stones for smoothing hammer and sear engagement surfaces.

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SPECS: Includes: MAGNA-TIP® Law Enforcement clip tip screwdriver handle w/#300‑5 slotted bit & #240-2 bushing driver bit; 4 oz. ball peen hammer; magazine lip gauge; grip bushing staker; flat & concave magazine lip forming pliers; straight/90 degree scribe; trigger return spring tool; (4) roll pin punches; ¼” brass drift punch; India stone; and hard Arkansas stone. Approx. 5 lb. (2.3 kg) wt.


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