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Compact, Go-Anywhere Tool Kit for Comprehensive AR Maintenance

The AR-15 is a robust and highly reliable rifle IF it is fed the right ammo, kept reasonably clean, and given some simple maintenance. The good news is you don’t need a gunsmith’s workshop full of tools to perform this maintenance. In fact, everything you need fits in the 6-1/2" x 4" x 1-3/8" soft case of this compact AR-15 tool kit from Fix-It Sticks.

The kit is built around the innovative Fix-It-Sticks - a pair of components that fit together to form a robust T-handle tool for driving the 1/4" hex bit attachments that comprise all the necessary tools to maintain the accuracy and reliability of your AR-15.

The Fix It Sticks AR-15 tool kit includes:

  • Two Fix-It-Sticks
  • Bolt/carrier group carbon scraper
  • Pin punch for trigger/hammer pins
  • Castle nut wrench
  • Bronze scraper
  • Steel pick
  • Non-marring plastic pin punch for pivot/takedown pins
  • Cleaning brush bit
  • A2 front sight adjustment bit
  • Set of brass cleaning rods
  • Pair of bit adapters for 8-32 threaded cleaning attachments

Everything in the Fix It Sticks AR-15 tool kit fits neatly inside the durable soft-sided nylon carrying case, for go-anywhere convenience. Case has handy MOLLE type webbing one side, a hook-and-loop panel on the other for attaching name tags, etc.

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