Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Welcome to the Brownells Daily Defense video series! Now in its second season, this series is designed to help you develop a personal defense plan and build the skills to carry it out. Preparing to defend yourself and your family from threats to your safety involves learning how to use firearms and integrating them into your plan safely and effectively. While a lot of firearm and self-defense training is geared toward military or law enforcement personnel, these videos are for you, the average citizen. Self-defense and firearm trainer Jeff Gonzales is our partner in this project, along with a number of companies who have agreed to co-sponsor it. They offer many products and services that will be extremely helpful in your journey toward taking responsibility for your own "daily defense." Please explore their offerings via the links below.

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Meet The Expert: Jeff L. Gonzales

Jeff is the president of Trident Concepts, a well-respected firearm and personal defense training firm. He is a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL and has become a nationally recognized instructor of law enforcement, military personnel, and responsible armed citizens with and without previous firearm experience.


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