Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells coverage of Shot Show 2019: January 22-25, 2019

Looking for the latest from SHOT Show 2019? Keep checking this page for exclusive videos with manufacturers and industry figures, as well as coverage of new product announcements. Let Brownells show you the Best of SHOT Show 2019!

Guests At The Brownells Booth

Catch them streaming Live on our Facebook page or watch the recordings on this page as we update them.

Booth Guests Included:

Tuesday, January 22
9am - Jon Scott, B&T
11am - Ryan Repp/ Paul Levy, Brownells
3pm - Dean Sylvester, PWS
5pm - Ian McCollum & Karl Kasarda, Forgotten Weapons & InRangeTV
Wednesday, January 23
9am - Larry Zanoff, ISS/ Hollywood Weapons
10:30am - Larry Vickers
12pm - Dan McCalmon, Poly80
2pm - Bill Geissele, Geissele Automatics
Wednesday, January 24
9am - Mike Pappas, Dead Air Armament
11am - Jon Canipe, Magpul
1pm - Paul Noonan, FM Products
3pm - Dave Golladay, LWRCI
5pm - Ryan Repp, Tactical Athlete Games
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Going to the show or waching with us, have some fun playing our SHOT Show Bingo.

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New Brownells Products

New Brownells BRN-PROTO 5.56 AR-15


A thoroughly-modern version of the very first AR-15 prototypes, the BRN-PROTO is based on AR-15 Serial Number One, the father of all "Black Rifles."

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The BRN-605


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BRN-10 308 20rd Waffle Magazine

BRN-10® 308 20rd Waffle Magazine

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New: AR-15 25rd Straight Body Magazine

New: AR-15 25rd Straight Body Magazine

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New: Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic

New: Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic

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New: Brownells' Match Precision Optics™

MPO 5-25x56mm FFP

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New: Brownells’ Match Precision Optics

MPO 3-18x50mm FFP

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New: Brownells' Slides

New: Brownells' Slides

Available for Glock® Gen3 G17 & G19

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New: Brownells' BRN-180™

New: Brownells' Slides

The BRN-180™ upper assembly combines the old with the new, and drops onto any mil-spec AR-15 lower. It readily accepts a folding stock, and can be fired with the stock folded.

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Map to Brownells Shot Show Booth

If you are at SHOT Show 2019 be sure to make your way to Booth #13018 and say hello!

Pre SHOT Survey Results

We wanted your input and we got it! Brownells launched a pre SHOT show survey asking you, our customers, a few short questions. Based on your feedback, we will be searching far and wide of where you stated you get SHOT updates to ask you questions relating to products, announcements and more on THIS page. Make sure to stop back and give us your input. Thank you to all who took the survey!

Q1. What is your primary news source for SHOT show information?
Internet, Youtube, social media and print
Q2. What do you want to see produced from industry brands?
Quality, new gear, parts/accessories, guns
Q3. What would you like to see Brownells assist in producing or providing to you?
More in the retro line and quality parts at reasonable prices
Q4. Are you attending SHOT show?
76% no, 23% yes
As for celebrities, meet and greets were popular, but the main focus is pro Second amendment supporters