Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • 6 target paddles
  • Paddles swing to opposite side immediately to reinforce a good hit
  • AR500 Brinell armor steel construction withstands all typical handgun rounds
  • Dimensions: 72x6x6 inches

Ready. Aim. Fire. Let the games begin. The PT Dueling Tree pits you against a buddy to find out who is the best shot. Each of you starts with three targets on your side. When a target is hit, it swings to the opposite side. Back and forth, the first one with all targets resting on his side loses--game over, man. Of course, you could use it for solo target practice too, but that's not as much fun.

This six-target dueling tree features a built-in gravity reset and splatter reducing design. It is made of highly durable AR500 Brinell armor steel that is strong enough to handle all standard rounds. Safety first, though. This stand is not made of hard steel and is vulnerable to damage from high power rifle rounds.

SPECS: Dueling tree dimensions: 72x6x6, Standard AR500 Brinell armor steel construction, Black finish, 6 metal target paddles, Paddles swing to opposite side to reinforce good shots.

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Quantity: 1

Style: Dueling Tree

Target Size/Type: XL Over 20

Type: Steel