Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Cushions Recoil To Reduce Shooter Fatigue

Thin, shock-absorbing, strap-on shoulder pad absorbs up to 40% of felt recoil, so you can concentrate on your target and shoot longer sessions with less fatigue. Inner neoprene pad absorbs recoil without affecting length of pull. Tough, polyester/cotton outer shell and “grippy” suede face stand up to years of heavy use. An economical alternative to recoil reducers, barrel porting, and muzzle brakes—no matter how many guns you own, you need only one harness! An excellent shooting aid for women, youths, and other small-statured, recoil-sensitive shooters. Elastic side gusset and adjustable-length strap let you tailor a comfortable fit. Wear the harness under your Cowboy Action costume to maintain correct period appearance, while enjoying reduced recoil during the shotgun stages. Rifle Harness has thicker neoprene insert specifically contoured for maximum absorption of hard-kicking rifle recoil.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:356

SPECS: Polyester/cotton shell, suede pad exterior, neoprene insert. Khaki. Available in right-hand (RH) version.


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