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An Easy Way to Hang Your Combat Vest

Have a vest, plate carrier, jacket or pack that you'd like to have stored on your ModWall, ready at a moment's notice? The ModWall Vest Hanger is designed to provide a solid mounting point for any of these gear items, and it can be used in conjunction with the company's Helmet Hanger to provide a complete storage spot for your tactical gear.

The ModWall Vest Hanger is just one component of the entire Tactical Walls ModWall system, which uses a wall-mounted panel measuring 22 inches tall by 48 inches wide as a foundation for creating a custom storage solution for all your guns, gear, magazines and more. The ModWall and its add-ons are constructed from durable HDPE Plastic and can be customized to store and display the unique parts of your collection.

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Color: Black

Material: HDPE

Quantity: 1

Style: Safe Accessory