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A Hearing Enhancement Device For Your Range Kit

Designed as a flexible, compact set of earbuds, the Walkers Rope Hearing Enhancer works to protect your hearing on the firing line while also enhancing ambient noise, so you can clearly hear communication and range commands. This ensures a safe, comfortable shooting experience for you and everyone around you, and the Rope Hearing Enhancer also ensures that you can comfortably mount your rifle or shotgun without muffs getting in the way.

Each pair of Walkers Rope Hearing Enhancer features a High/Low Compression Mode, Sound Activated Compression and Hi-Gain Omnidirectional microphones that all work in conjunction to provide premium sound reduction and enhancement in a compact package. The integrated lithium battery is completely rechargeable with the included USB charging cable, and thee pairs of foam earbud tips are included. The unit provides 29 decibels of sound reduction and comes with an EVA storage case.


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Color: Flat Dark Earth

Lens Color: Flat Dark Earth

NRR: 29 dB

Style: Plugs