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A Quick-Release Mounting Plate Designed for Picatinny and ARCA Interfaces

Magpul's making it easy to attach the gear you need to your rifle rail, thanks to the QR Rail Grabber. This quick-release mounting plate is compact and easy to adjust, and it provides a clamping mechanism that doesn't add any bulk to your rifle's front end. Designed primarily for use with the company's bipods, the Magpul QR Rail Grabber will work on any product with an A.R.M.S. 17S footprint.

Each Magpul QR Rail Grabber is machined from aluminum, so it'll stand up to the heavy use you'll put it through. There's a textured knob that allows you to adjust the plate when needed, and it sits out of the way so it won't create a snag hazard with your gear. The QR Rail Grabber fits all Picatinny and RRS/ARCA surfaces.


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Attachment: ARMS 17s