Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • Suppressor height sights allow for a proper sight picture when firing a suppressed Glock or when using an RMR equipped slide such as the Tactical Glock Slide from One Source Tactical
  • Night Sight model includes Trijicon Tritium inserts
  • Nights Sight has a 3-Dot sight picture, with the Tritium illuminating green on both the front and rear sight
  • The standard Suppressor Sight set does not feature dots or Tritium, allowing for a clean sight picture
  • The standard front sight features a serrated face, for an anti-glare sight picture
  • The standard set is an excellent option when using iron sights as backups on an RMR equipped slide
  • Machined steel construction
  • Matte black finish

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Sight Color: Black

Style: Suppressor, Tactical

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