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Make Inserts Quickly & Easily In A Variety Of Colors

It’s been several years since there was a good, do-it-yourself product on the market for making sight inserts, so we decided the best way to fill the gap was to go out and develop our own. The result is our latest “assist” for the professional gunsmith and serious hobbyist - a kit with everything you need to add, change, or rebuild colored front sight inserts on revolvers quickly and easily. Although primarily designed for wheelguns, it’ll also let you make custom inserts for a variety of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Sight inserts offer many benefits for target shooters and hunters, especially in situations requiring fast, accurate front sight acquisition, like dawn and dusk, when game is more likely to be active. Never again replace a perfectly good front sight because it’s too hard to see in low light, your eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, or because the insert has faded, broken, or fallen out.

Our kit contains everything you need to make professional-looking inserts formed to the exact contours of your gun’s front sight. Mix the liquid acrylic and powdered activator with the concentrated dye to create bright, high-contrast inserts that are stronger and more durable than factory originals at a fraction of the cost of replacement or custom sights. Kit includes dyes in five popular colors—red, green, orange, yellow, and white.

Step-by-step instruction booklet show you how to mix the ingredients (the ratios aren’t that critical so it’s tough to screw up) and create forms to install inserts that won’t shoot loose, even on the hardest recoiling guns. We also explain, in detail, how to hand cut a dovetail for an insert on a gun that doesn’t already have one. With a hardening time of around 20 minutes, it’s so fast and easy you’ll want to add inserts to get the best accuracy and maximum versatility from all your iron-sighted guns. Refill supplies sold separately, so you can replace only the ingredients you use up rather then buy a whole new kit.

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SPECS: Kit contains: 1 oz. (29.57 ml) Liquid Acrylic; 2 oz. (59.15 ml) Powdered Activator; .05 oz. (1.5 g) each of red, green, orange, yellow, and .19oz. (5.3g) of white pigment; 5 mixing cups; complete instructions.

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