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The Device You Need When Working on Your AR-308

Even if you tell yourself you're not going to tinker with that AR-308, the truth is still the same. At some point, you're going to tinker with that AR-308. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, make sure you're not scratching and tearing things up by just ""making it work"" with random tools from your toolbox. Get an AR-308 Upper Receiver Fixture from The Device Manufacturing and work on your AR the right way.

Designed to work with any AR-308-style rifle, regardless actual caliber, size or type, this Upper Receiver Fixture makes it possible to build or tear down any AR-308 upper without damaging any of the components or the receiver itself. The tool even provides clearance for most rail systems, and it holds the upper securely when installing or removing a handguard. The fixture holds the receiver steady from the inside by using the bolt-carrier and charging-handle raceway.

One of the great features of the AR-308 Upper Receiver Fixture is that if features a completely flat Picatinny rail section that allows for easy optic mounting. The tool also features a spring-loaded detent that secures the upper receiver, even when it's held vertically. There's also a channel that aids in removing a forward assist, and a recess inside the unit allows you to test the opening and closing of an ejection-port door without removing the upper from the fixture!

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Color: Black

Finish: Type III Andodized

Material: Aluminum 7075-T6