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Unlike all other hammers out there, the PSDB is all-steel precision CNC machined hammer. No cheap wood handles or over-molded screws for tips. This is a serious hammer for serious gunsmithing - hitting pins, punches, whatever. The PSDB can have 3 different hammer tip materials “on-board” - one can be screwed into each side of the hammer head, and the third screws into the bottom of the handle. So no matter what type of pin, or against what finish you might have to hit you can pick a hard or soft non-marring hammer tip for the job. The tips are held tight with large o-rings, so they’ll never back-off and come loose. The PSDB is a whole new type of dead-blow hammer, with the PSDB Hammer from Magna-Matic Defense your not just pounding sand. Our dead-blow design incorporates a solid steel slug (rather than sand in most dead-blow hammers), this provides you with a kinetic transfer of energy that multiplies your hitting force. If you have a job where light gentle tapping is required, you can remove the steel slug, and store it in the handle of the PSDB. We have put tremendous thought into the design of this hammer, from the various curves in the handle allowing for numerous choked up hand positions for lighter tapping, or a full handle grip for maximum force. The end of our handle isn’t just a clever storage area for the steel slug when not in use, since we have the third hammer tip on the end of the handle, you can produce very light gentle tapping force with the end of the handle. PSDB Hammer Includes: Hammer body/handle One brass tip One hardened steel tip One delrin (plastic) tip One steel dead-blow slug.


  • All steel construction
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Made in the USA
  • Interchangable tips
  • Steel dead-blow slug
  • Clear zinc plated for severe corrosion resistance


Total hammer weight 1 pound, 8.5 ounces

Deadblow weight 3.1 ounces

Steel Head weight 2.3 ounces

Brass Head weight 2.5 ounces

Delrin Head weight 0.5 ounces

10.5 inches tall

3.5 inches wide at the head faces

Head OD at the face is 0.971 inches

Head OD at the knurling is 1.12 inches


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Size: 10 1/2

Style: Steel

Weight: 1 lb 8.5 oz

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Style: Steel

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Style: Brass

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Style: Delrin