Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The First Carbine

The Brownells XBRN177E2® Carbine is an homage to the classic carbine used by US troops in Vietnam.

The XM177E2 is one of the culmination of several efforts to shorten the AR-15 platform in the 1960s. Featuring the distinctive XM177 "Moderator" and CAR buttstock, these carbines are much handier than the rifle length AR-15 variants. The XM177E2 was commonly issued to Special Operation units, making it a highly desired firearm. The XM177E2 shares its core components, the bolt carrier group & receivers with the M16A1.

XM177 in service

Model: XBRN177E2® Overview

The new Brownells XBRN177E2® is built from completely new production components, no surplus parts. The rifle features the original style furniture, A1 flash hider and mil-spec phosphate/chrome bolt carrier group.

  • M16A1 Style Lower Receiver with full "magazine fence"
  • M16A1 Upper Receiver
  • Finished in Gray Cerakote
  • 12.7" 5.56x45mm NATO Barrel with 1-12 twist & chrome bore
  • AXM177 flash hider with grenade ring (pinned and welded to meet legal length)
  • Mil-Spec Phosphate/Chrome Bolt Carrier Group
  • Black CAR buttstock, pistol grip & handguard assembly
  • Includes:
    • One (1) 20rd Magazine
    • One (1) GI Operations Manual
    • One (1) Chamber Flag

Own a classic carbine today with the Brownells XM177E2® carbine.

Rifle Details:

Action Type:

Direct Impingement

Barrel Length:


Twist Rate:



5.56 mm NATO


Gray Cerakote

Front Sight:



29.7" - 33"

Magazine Included:

20rd Magazine


3 Prong Flash Hider

Rear Sight:


Stock Material:



5lbs 11oz

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Model: XBRN177E2® Details

Lower Receiver: Original M16A1 profile, Nodak Spud 7075-T6 aluminum forging, machined by Aero Precision and finished in gray Cerakote

Upper Receiver: Original style profile with forward assist, no shell deflector, gray Cerakote, Nodak Spud 7075-T6 aluminum forging, machined by Brownells

Barrel: 12.7" M16 Lightweight Profile, Chrome Lined Bore & Chamber, 1-12 twist, button rifled, 4150 chrome moly steel, stress relieved, 5.56x45mm NATO chamber, 1/2-28 muzzle threads, magnetic particle inspected, test fired with 10 rounds of LC ammunition, with standard height front sight base installed

Handguard: Carbine length, six hole, black, with aluminum heat shields

Bolt Carrier Group: M16 Assembly with forward assist serrations, Carpenter 158 tool steel bolt, magnetic particle inspected & test fired with 10 rounds of LC ammunition, 8620 steel carrier, gas key screws properly torqued & staked

Charging Handle: Includes model correct modern charging handle

Flash Hider: Flash Hider: Original Style XM177 Moderator, pinned and welded for legal length requirement

Sights: M16A1 Rear Sight Assembly & A1 Front Sight Post

Pistol Grip: Brownells M16A1 Black

Buttstock: Brownells CAR Black Stock

Buffer Tube: Mil-Spec 2 Position

Magazine: Brownells 1x 20 Round aluminum Magazine

Manual: Safety Manual + "The M16A1 Rifle: Operation & Preventative Maintenance" Army Manual - The U.S. Army teamed up with cartoonist and graphic artist Will Eisner to produce teaching tools for U.S. soldiers in a medium that they could easily understand. The M16A1 Rifle: Operation and Preventive Maintenance, first printed in 1969, features a female narrator who instructs GIs on the proper care of their M16A1 rifles.

Model: XBRN177E2® Aditional Images

brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Forward Right brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Backward Left brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Ejection Side Extended brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Ejection Side brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Flash Hider brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Buttstock brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Buttstock brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Ejection Side Detail brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Pistol Grip Detail brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Upper Reciever Assist brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Back Side brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Takedown Pin brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 6 Hole Handguard Lower brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Markings brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Slip Ring brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Rear Sight Detail brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Front Sight Detail brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Handguare and Heat Shield Detail brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Handguare and Heat Shield Detail

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brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Forward Right Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Backward Left Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Ejection Side Extended Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Ejection Side Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Flash Hider Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Buttstock Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Buttstock Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Ejection Side Detail Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Pistol Grip Detail Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Upper Reciever Assist Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Back Side Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Takedown Pin Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 6 Hole Handguard Lower Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Markings Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Slip Ring Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Rear Sight Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Front Sight Detail Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Handguare and Heat Shield Detail Thumbnail
brownells-retro-rifle-line/xbrn177e2 Handguare and Heat Shield Detail Thumbnail
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