Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Convenient Display That Shows Your Shooting Solutions

Having a Kestrel weather meter and the company's comprehensive ballistics calculator is great for getting rounds on target, but if you're on the clock, it can eat up valuable time getting the measurements you need before mounting your gun. With the Kestrel HUD 5 Series Ballistics Heads Up Display, shooters can have a large, easily seen display mounted on their rifle that shows them the shooting solution they need.

One of the great parts about the Kestrel HUD 5 Series Ballistics Heads Up Display is that it can store shooting solution for up to 10 different targets on a single display, so you can have all the information you need for a single stage pre-loaded onto your screen, allowing you to run through a course with ease. You don't need those markers or masking tape anymore! Spotters can also send updated shooting solutions wirelessly through the display, allowing shots to be reconfigured and updated in real time.

Available options for the Kestrel HUD 5 Series Ballistics Heads Up Display include two types of remotes, and a Picatinny-rail mount, hardwire connection, timer, digital level and round counter are also included with the display.


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