Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

An Ultimate Weather Monitor for Shooters and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether you're heading out to the wilderness and need to keep an eye on ambient conditions or you're on the range looking to squeeze the most out of each shot, the Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter and Digital Psychrometer is purpose-built to provide as much information about your surroundings as possible.

Each Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter and Digital Psychrometer includes all of the high-end features of the Kestrel 3000 while adding new features, like the ability to measure both barometric pressure and historical trend, as well as altitude and the current time. This Kestrel also includes a greyish-pink backlight that allows the screen to be seen at night without compromising the user's night vision. However, this backlight isn't compatible with night-vision equipment.

An easily navigated menu on the Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter and Digital Psychrometer allows users to scroll through nine different measurement conditions, and the unit provides information about your ambient climate through its external temperature sensor that's contained inside a waterproof housing, allowing users to measure temps in rain, snow and water. Of course, like other Kestrel models, the extremely sensitive impeller allows users to accurately measure wind speed.


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