Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • Adjustable pitch angle
  • Reversible shooting surface
  • Falling plate and clanging steel immediately reinforce a good hit
  • AR500 standard steel grade construction withstands all typical handgun rounds
  • Target dimensions: 28x28x13 inches

Use it or lose it. Shooting is a skill and keeping on top of your game takes practice. The PT Pepper Popper 2/3 knockdown target is an easy way to ensure you are on target. This target is well made of smooth, durable AR500 standard grade steel, tough enough for everyone from SWAT teams and the weekend shooter. It features clanging steel and a falling plate to let you know right away when you made the shot and has an adjustable pitch angle to accommodate multiple hits or compensate for ammunition power.

The shooting surface of the Pepper Popper 2/3 target is reversible. Rotating from the front to back extends the life and protects your equipment. Safety first! Rotating the shooting surface is a preventative measure only. Never rotate a target that is already damaged or bowed in any way.

SPECS: 2/3 size target dimensions: 28x28x13, Standard AR500 steel grade, Black finish, Adjustable pitch angle, Reversible shooting surface, Clanging metal and falling plate reinforce successful shots.

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Quantity: 1

Style: Silhouette

Target Size/Type: XL Over 20

Type: Steel