Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Caldwell Target Turner is the perfect way to work on shot placement and quick shooting adjustments while still being a fun addition to range time. Powered by household AA batteries this target will run for up to 8 hours while presenting and hiding the target at the setting of your choice (between 1 and 6 seconds). With the included backer, this target will accept all targets up to 12"W x 18"H and when you are done shooting, it will fold up and fit into the included carry bag for easy transport. The sturdy design and low center, 3-legged stand allows for use in most all weather conditions, including high wind, making it the perfect tool for real time, shooter training.  For the marksman, Caldwell is a brand engineered for perfection to take your shot to the next level. Whether you’re shooting competitively or recreationally, we aim to make you the best. With quality products developed to provide you unmatched precision, you will have the confidence to take the shot when it matters most. We eliminate the variables that make you miss.

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