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A Do-It-All Target Stand for Your Range

One of the most versatile and durable target stands on the market today, the HatPoint Target Stand is purpose-built to provide shooters with the target holder they need to set up fun, interactive training and plinking scenarios on their range.

Each HatPoint Target Stand can be customized to hold targets measuring 6 to 24 inches wide and is designed to hold USPSA, IPSC and IDPA targets, in particular. The stand itself is lightweight, clocking in at just under 4 pounds, so shooters can move it where they need it and transport the stand with ease. Pre-drilled holes allow users to stake the target in-place, so that it won't blow over in high winds.

Also included with each HatPoint Target Stand is an integrated clip design that can hold 1X2-inch furring strips and prevents users from having to shim the target holder. Each stand is made in the USA and includes an Allen wrench needed for assembly.

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Material: Polymer

Quantity: 1

Style: Stand