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he Shoot-to-Reset Plate Rack (SRP) is one of Challenge Targets' most versatile and addictive products!  Shoot the 5"" round plates and they lock in the upright position concealed behind the AR500 steel front guard.  Shoot the 5"" square plate to reset the target. This model is perfect for 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm and other common centerfire handgun calibers at distances as close as 10 yards.  It's also outstanding with centerfire rifles like .223 Remington at 100-400 yards and will handle magnum caliber handguns and larger caliber rifles at longer distances (maximum energy at the target is 1,000 ft./lbs).

This premium package also includes a full set of Rimfire Plates!  The rimfire conversion requires no tools and allows you to change over from centerfire to rimfire in less than 2 minutes. With the rimfire plates installed, the target will function reliably with all .22LR pistols and rifles.

This package also includes our Bullseye Plate which can be utilized when shooting centerfire calibers.  Simply hang the Bullseye Plate in front of the square reset plate to significantly increase the challenge!  With the Bullseye Plate installed, bullets must pass through the 2"" diameter aperture to reset the target!

After initial assembly, the target can be broken down for transportation in 1-2 minutes without tools.  The plate rack includes four legs made from standard 1"" (EMT) conduit making them light weight and easy to replace if damaged.

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