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Challenge Targets has designed the ultimate Reactive Steel Hostage Target! Challenge Targets’ unique design utilizes two separate 3/8” AR500 upright posts so the front plate (hostage) and hinged head plate (hostage taker) are mounted independently of each other. This assists in preventing false hits common in other target systems, missed shots hitting the perimeter of the front plate will not be able to flip the head paddle. The Challenge Targets Reactive Steel Hostage Target is designed to create lateral movement after the initial shot, making follow-ups more difficult. The target base incorporates an innovative four-point stance which elevates the center of the targets dispersing the weight to the outer four corner for excellent stability. The stand legs include anchor holes for staking if extra stability is needed (stakes not included).

  • Handguns minimum distance: 10 yards | Rifles minimum distance: 100 yards
  • Human torso shape AR500 front plate measures 8" wide x 20" tall x 3/8" thick
  • Head shape 3/8" thick AR500 paddle - exposed area of head measures 4" wide by 10" tall
  • Target is designed to safely deflect bullet fragments into the ground (adjustable forward angle: 5-20 degrees)

The Reactive Steel Hostage Target is rated for centerfire rifles (velocity under 3,000 fps at target) and handguns (energy under 2,300 ft/lbs at target). The target is easy to transport thanks to a quick release front plate and head paddle. The total package weighs just 37 pounds!


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Style: Silhouette

Target Size/Type: Large 12 to 20

Type: Steel