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A Small Side Plate Built to Provide Level IV Protection

Traditionally, body armor consists of a front and rear plate that protects wearers against impacts from shots taken in either of those directions. However, this arrangement leaves the sides of the body open, which is a vulnerability that attackers can exploit. To address this, RMA Armaments developed its Level IV Side Plate in an effort to expand protection options for professionals.

The RMA Armament Level IV Side Plate takes body armor to the next level, providing wearers with the ability to survive impacts from high-velocity rifle rounds up to and including the .30-06 M2AP round. To provide this protection, the armor is built with a monolithic ceramic/polyethylene material, which measures 1" thick and weighs in at 2.47lbs. per plate.

Each RMA Armament Level IV Side Plate is NIJ 0101.06-certified and features a 600-Denier, water-resistant cover to protect it from the elements. The plates are made in the USA at the company's Centerville, IA, facility, and the company is owned and operated by a former law-enforcement officer and U.S. Marine who's counted on body armor for personal defense for more than 20 years.

Note: These plates are now sold as a single plate and not a set.


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Material: Ceramic/Polyethylene Composite

Size: 6" x 6"

Weight: 2.47 lbs