Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Increases Sling-Attachment Versatility On Collapsible-Stock Rifles & Carbines

Machined steel replacement for the factory receiver plate gives an AR fitted with an M4-type collapsible buttstock a convenient, low-profile attachment point for clip-on, single-point slings. Precision machined from 1018 carbon steel for superior strength and an exact fit, with a durable manganese phosphate Parkerized finish that resists surface abrasion and corrosion, and matches the finish on mil-spec anodized receivers. Available in single-loop Right-Hand (RH) as well as a convenient, versatile Ambidextrous configuration that lets you swap the sling from one side of the receiver to the other. An adapter that is designated as a right hand (RH) adapter is for right handed shooters and will be mounted on the left side of the gun.

Photos are of viewing the sling adapter from the rear.

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SPECS: 1018 steel, Parkerized, matte black finish. Fits AR-15/M16/M4 and clones fitted with M4-style collapsible buttstock.


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