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Economical Sling With Stretch Shoulder Pad & Built-In Swivels

Simple, inexpensive, lightweight carry sling of close-weave nylon webbing has a “razor”-thin, elasticized shoulder pad that absorbs shock as you walk, so you can carry your rifle all day without killing your shoulder. Pad is made of tough, 800-lb. test elastic material that won’t slip off the shoulder as you move. Can be used in for traditional or across-the-back carry. The Thumb-Loop adjustment system enables quick, easy length adjustments, while polymer swivels sewn directly to the sling ends ensure quiet operation without squeaking or scratching the stock. Knurled steel cross-bolts with screwdriver slots in the heads lock the swivels to standard sling studs.

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SPECS: Nylon webbing and 800-lb. test elasticized nylon fabric, polymer hardware, black. 41" (104cm) O.A.L., 1" (2.5cm) wide web  straps with 13" (33cm) long x 2" (5cm) wide shoulder pad.


Mfr Part: RAZ-90043

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Color: Black

Material: Nylon

Style: 2-point Sling

Width: 2"