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Gives Fixed-Stock Rifle The Versatility Of A Quick-Detach Single-Point Sling

Convenient kit gives any AR-15/M16 with an A2-style rifle buttstock the speed and versatility of a single-point, clip-on tactical sling. Low-profile sling adapter requires no permanent alterations to the rifle. Simply remove the buttstock, slide the adapter over the receiver extension tube, and reinstall the stock. Adjustable single-point sling is constructed of heavy-duty 1¼" nylon webbing and high-density bungee cord that provides 4" of flex. Tough, weather-resistant tubular nylon sheathing over the bungee prevents noise and limits bounce. The quick-release clip on the sling attaches to the adapter loop, while an elastic sleeve slides over the clip to prevent rattling on the gun. Heavy-duty tri-glide nylon buckle lets you adjust the sling size quickly for wear over bulky tactical vests and other gear. A second, nylon “quick ditch” buckle opens the sling for instant release of the weapon.

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:064
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:069

SPECS: Sling - Nylon and elastic bungee cord, black. Adjustable from approximately 27" (68.6cm) to 36" (91.4cm). 1¼" (3.2cm) wide. Sling Adapter - 4140 steel, black oxide finish. Fits rifles with fixed, A2-type buttstock. Right-hand only.


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Color: Black

Material: Nylon

Style: 1-point Sling

Width: 1-1/4"