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Redesigned, “Gen II” version of the popular Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) dynamic entry sling includes all the life-saving features recommended by U.S. troops returning from service in Afghanistan and Iraq. A separate, 1” wide, connector strap attaches to your rifle’s receiver sling mount, while the heavy-duty polycarbonate quick-release clasp allows immediate disconnect of weapon from the shoulder harness, so you can instantly mount/dismount a vehicle or take an unconventional shooting position without removing the body loop. 1¼” wide webbing ensures hours of comfortable carry. Single attachment point enables rapid, unobstructed cross-shoulder and secondary weapon transitions. Sling comes with one connector. Spare Connectors can be purchased to allow you to use one MOUT sling on more than one weapon.

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SPECS: Nylon webbing, polycarbonate clasp and keepers, black. Approximately 40” (107 cm) long including connector. Attaches to weapons equipped with a side mounted, receiver sling mount. Gen II connector fits Gen II MOUT sling only; will not fit original MOUT sling.

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Color: Black

Material: Nylon

Style: 1-point Sling

Width: 1-1/4"