Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Sinclair Competition Rest Post, 1” Do you ever go to the range with more than one rifle? To avoid adjusting your shooting rest top to accommodate different sized rifle forends, shooters often purchase an additional shooting rest top, post, and handwheel, allowing a quick-change without any adjustment or assembly. Shoot your wide forend varmint gun and then switch tops to sight in your favorite lightweight hunting rifle. Post is 1-14” threaded stainless steel for use with the Sinclair Competition Rest series only.

The handwheel is aluminum with black anodized finish with a stainless steel threaded insert designed for a gall-free lifetime of use. Handwheel utilizes 1-14” threads and is designed for use with the Sinclair Competition Rest series only.

Sinclair Competition Forend Stop Upgrade your existing Sinclair Rest top with our Sinclair Competition Forend Stop. The Sinclair Competition Forend Stop is fully adjustable for length (fore and aft), height, and cant. It works with current production Generation II rest tops (Benchrest and All-Purpose). Made with stainless steel fasteners and a Delron stop knob, it’s built for a lifetime of use.

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