Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Works With You, Not Against You, To Get the Crosshairs on the Target - and Keep Them There

Caldwell’s Fire Control Shooting Rest gives the shooter unprecedented precision and control over adjusting the position of the rifle on the rest. The shooter maintains a perfectly relaxed shooting position behind the rifle while making the adjustments. The ability to make fine, continuous adjustments right up to the moment of squeezing the trigger gives a big boost to accuracy potential. NO need to make those last-second adjustments by pushing, pulling, or leaning on the gun and rest. The Fire Control rest makes accuracy a matter of science, not guesswork.

Here’s how the Caldwell Fire Control "continuous adjustment" mechanism works: you start by making coarse adjustments to roughly position the rest - these controls give you approximately 4" of movement at the rest itself. Then you use the control arm to make the fine adjustments of the forend support - remember, this is one-handed, so you can keep your eye on the target as you do it. The control arm will move in any direction - up, down, left, right - and there’s no need to stop to loosen or tighten rest components. You just get those crosshairs locked on, and you’re ready to squeeze the trigger.

You can even customize the resistance pressure of the control arm by adjusting four nylon-tipped setscrews.

  • 60 MOA (approximately 5 feet) of adjustment at 100 yards
  • Secure stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • Solid stainless steel leveling feet
  • Handy forend stop
  • Comes with a filled front bad that accommodates wide forends

After the shot, the Fire Control rest enables fast recovery from recoil, so you get the crosshairs back on the target FAST. This rest stays in place so it doesn’t require being physically pushed back into position or more knob twiddling to get it realigned. You’ve got up to 60" of windage and elevation adjustment at 100 yards, with fingertip control via that front control arm.

The Caldwell Fire Control shooting rest comes in two configurations: Front Rest supports the forend only; you supply your own bags or other support for the buttstock. Full-Length Rest supports the entire rifle from forend to heel of buttstock, for total control that any accuracy fanatic will love.

After you’ve used the Fire Control shooting rest, you’ll wonder why it’s taken so long for a rest like this to come along.


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