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Put A Hydraulic Shock Absorber Between Recoil & Your Shoulder

Easy-to-install, precision machined, hydraulic unit can improve the comfort of any rifle or shotgun without huge increases in weight or changes in gun's natural balance. Uses smooth, quiet, hydraulic shock absorber action to counteract and soften up to 52% of the actual recoil force. Helps improve accuracy because the shooter can maintain concentration on the target and not on painful recoil. Hydraulic dampening effect is quickly adjustable to match both the needs of the shooter and the recoil of the gun.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:408
SPECS: Aluminum plates, brass cylinder. Plates - 2" (5cm) wide, 6" (15.2cm) high. Cylinder - 3-1/8" (7.9cm) long, 1" (2.5cm) diameter 12 oz. (340 g) wt. Requires shortening of stock. Adds 1.25" (3.1cm) to length of pull. Kit includes installation hardware, complete instructions.
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