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Makes Your Tavor X95 More Comfortable to Shoot and Shorter to Boot

Building off the success of the company's buttpad design for the original Tavor SAR-21, Manticore Arms developed a new design that fits the modernized Tavor X95. This Curved Buttpad improves the fit of the Tavor, allowing it to slide naturally into a shooter's shoulder pocket.

Each Manticore Arms Tavor X95 Curved Buttpad is built on an aluminum skeleton covered with an overmolded rubber pad. This pad is designed to fit the contour of a shooter's shoulder while also shortening the overall length of the gun without allowing the length to drop under the NFA-mandated overall length of 26 inches.

This Manticore Arms Tavor X95 Curved Buttpad will not fit on the Tavor SAR-21. Each model of the Tavor rifle must have its own unique buttpad.

Please note that Tavor Curved Buttpads and X95 Curved Buttpads ARE NOT interchangeable- each model of IWI Tavor uses its own dedicated buttpad. 

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Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Style: Standard