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Reduces Felt Recoil & Improves Weapon Control

Synthetic rubber recoil pad slips over the hard plastic buttplate on an M4-type adjustable carbine stock for secure, non-slip shouldering and as much as 70% reduction in felt recoil. Made from proprietary NAVCOM™ shock-absorbing material that won’t crack, split, or take a “set.” Spreads recoil over a larger area and prevents the stock from digging into your shoulder during long periods in the ready position. Improves weapon control and reduces muzzle jump to aid in fast, accurate follow-up shots. Secure snap-on design for quick installation and removal.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:048
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:049

SPECS: NAVCOM synthetic material, black. 5¼" (13.3cm) high, 2" (5.1cm) wide. Fits M4-type adjustable carbine stocks with buttplate up to 5-3⁄16" (13.2cm) high x 1-7⁄8" (4.8cm) wide. Adds .750 inch to overall length of M-4 stock.


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Color: Black

Material: Synthetic

Style: Slip-On

Thickness: 5 1/4